Nuisance Alarm Unit


The Nuisance Alarm Unit (NAU) shall assist the Round Rock Police Department (RRPD) by working with the community using reactive and proactive methods to reduce the number of false alarms, which improves the allocation of RRPD resources.


Alarm System – any device or assembly of equipment that emits, transmits, or relays a signal intended to summon – or that would reasonably be expected to summon by indirect or direct means – a response from RRPD

Alarm – for the purpose of this policy/procedure, general burglary, motion, or unauthorized entry signal emitted from/through an alarm system; panic/hold-up signals from businesses and fire alarms do not apply to this definition

Alarm Site – specific property or area of the premises served by an alarm system

Alarm Holder (also called Key Holder) – person(s) with care, control, or custody of alarm site

False Alarm – alarm investigated by a police officer that proves to be void of any criminal activity or an attempt thereof

False Alarm Appeal – alarm holders (key holders) may appeal decisions regarding suspensions to the Chief of Police, who will make the final appeal decision

Nuisance Alarm – any alarm system that generates three or more false alarms within the same twelve (12)-month period

Compliance – when human error causes malfunction, the alarm holder must state the specific cause of the malfunction in writing and immediately take corrective action; when an alarm system issue causes malfunction, a letter from the alarm company providing service to the alarm site shall be sent to RRPD, outlining the following:

  • That a qualified technician serviced the alarm system
  • Name or employee number of said technician
  • Date of service
  • Cause of system malfunction
  • Corrective action taken

Written Notice of False Alarm – letter giving the date of alarm, location, how many alarms have been received, and from what date; said letter shall request that the alarm holder attempt to identify/correct the cause of the alarm, and/or contact alarm company to make a service request, and letter shall also advise the alarm holder that police response will be suspended upon receipt of three or more false alarms within the same twelve (12)-month period

Written Notice of Suspension – letter advising the alarm holder of the suspension of police response to alarms; said letter will give the location of the alarm site, dates of first/last alarm, and the requirements of compliance for a restored response

Verbal Notice – contact with alarm holder (key holder) by means of telephone or by personal contact to relay information given in the written notices

Verified Response – when a private security or alarm holder (key holder) has arrived at or near the site of an alarm and confirmed that law enforcement intervention is needed

General Procedures

  1. The NAU tracks alarms received and makes appropriate verbal/written notification to alarm holders for each false alarm received.
  2. The NAU gives written notice of suspension of police response to sites classified with a nuisance alarm.
  3. The addresses of nuisance alarm sites are flagged in the police database system.
  4. Flags are removed from the police database system when alarm sites return to compliance.

Special Note

The City of Round Rock does not have an alarm ordinance. Therefore, no fees are associated with establishing alarm service at a location, and no fines are given for false or nuisance alarms. RRPD response to nuisance alarms (by definition) is to suspend response unless a verified response is received. The department seeks voluntary compliance in order to respond properly when an alarm occurs.

NAU Contact Information

Please direct inquiries to our RRPD Volunteer Coordinator by email or by phone at 512-218-5510.

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