Water My Yard program

Ever wonder “When should I water my yard? or How long do I run each zone?

City of Round Rock has partnered with LCRA and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension to help answer those questions!

Landscape watering can account for 50-80% of water used at a home during the summer months.  Much of this is wasted, due to inefficient water practices, such as over-watering.  Round Rock’s Water Conservation Program wants to help with irrigation scheduling decisions, with the Water My Yard program, phone app, and website for use by direct City of Round Rock water customers.  There is no charge for the service.

The Water My Yard program can provide recommendations on how long to run irrigation systems efficiently, while maintaining healthy lawns.  The program uses your property address, specific irrigation system information that you’ll input, and local weather information to recommend irrigation runtimes.  Fill out the online form to receive weekly email or text messages about watering recommendations.    

To register, visit WaterMyYard.org, enter your address, then sign up to create an account.  This will provide more specific watering information, as you’ll need to answer questions about your specific irrigation system and landscape.  There is also a Water My Yard app available for free for your mobile device.

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