CID Unit Contacts

General Investigations Section – Lt. Bob Drawbaugh 512-671-2855

Person Crimes – burglary, theft of property or vehicles or criminal mischief
Sgt. Bob Mata 512-341-3122

Domestic Crimes – domestic violence and child abuse
Sgt. Steve McDaniel 512-218-3257

Major Crimes – non-family assaults, death or homicide investigations, non-family sex crimes, robberies or harassment
Sgt. Darin Bayles 512-671-2847


Special Operations Section – Lt. Jimmy Keyes 512-671-2822

White Collar Crimes – embezzlement, fraud, identity theft, computer related crimes
Sgt. John Rowe 512-218-3260

Special Investigations 
Sgt. Tate Hunter 512-218-5532

Sgt. Woody Sitz 512-671-2857

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