Candidates for Police Officer, Police Cadet and Communications Dispatcher must complete an extensive hiring process. Choose one of the following links to learn more.

Police Officer (certified in Texas or another state)

Police Cadet

Communications Dispatcher

The City of Round Rock has requirements for all police officer applicants that may be interested in Lateral Entry as a Police Officer.

Anyone interested in joining the Police Department should check the City’s current job openings for job postings and an online application. We offer competitive salary and benefits. After submitting the City’s online application, qualified applicants will complete the steps as outlined below. Each step must be successfully completed to progress to the next phase. The hiring process may take up to 3-4 months.

Any candidate failing to successfully complete any portion of the hiring process may re-apply during the next hiring process.

Step 1 – Written Examination
A “Basic Entrance Examination” is given that tests the applicant’s ability in the following areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Report Writing

Applicants must pass with a 70 percent or above.

Step 2 – Physical Ability Test
Applicants who successfully complete the Written Examination are also required to successfully complete a physical ability test. This pass/fail test is the same for all applicants, without regard to age or gender. This video is an overview of the physical ability course.

Step 3 – Preliminary Oral Board
Upon completion of the Physical Ability Test, each applicant will be scheduled for a preliminary oral interview.

Step 4 – Hilson-R Background Inventory
Applicants successfully completing all preceding phases of the testing process will complete the “Hilson-R Background Inventory.” This is a scored questionnaire that will be administered at the Police Department. Applicants will not be disqualified from the process solely on the results of the “Hilson-R Background Inventory.”

Step 5 – Background Investigation
A thorough background investigation is conducted to establish evidence of good moral character, a well-adjusted personality and a pattern of conduct acceptable to the Round Rock Police Department.

Step 6 – Commander’s Review
Results of background investigation will be reviewed by Round Rock Police Commanders.

Step 7 – Final Oral Board
Applicants who successfully complete the background investigation appear before an interview panel.

Step 8 – Chiefs’ Interview
Applicants selected at the Chiefs’ Review will interview with an Assistant Chief and Chief of Police.

Step 9 – Conditional Job Offers
Selected applicants are given a conditional offer of employment contingent upon passing the following:

  • Medical Exam/Drug Screen – This is a standard physical examination.
  • Psychological Examination – This consists of a standard written psychological test and interview with a psychologist.
  • Firearms Proficiency

For more information or questions regarding the hiring process, contact the Training Division.