Kenney Fort Boulevard Segments 2 & 3

This project is a part of the Transportation Master Plan. Kenney Fort Blvd. is a planned major arterial roadway that when all segments are completed, will connect Round Rock to Georgetown to the north and Pflugerville to the south. Segment 1 of Kenney Fort Boulevard, between Joe DiMaggio Blvd. and Forest Creek Blvd., was completed in the summer of 2013. Segment 4 is in various stages of design and construction. Segment 4 is located north of Segment 1.

Kenney Fort Blvd. Segment 4 is being constructed in Segments. These segments will be constructed to an urban 6-lane divided roadway status. Kenney Fort Blvd. Seg. 4A was built to provide access from Old Settlers Blvd. to the Multisport Complex. This segment has been completed. Kenney Fort Seg. 4B has been let for bidding and an apparent low bidder has been identified. This segment is a partnered project with Meritage Homes and will provide a south access to this residential development. This is anticipated to be under construction by August 2020 and has an approximate 6 month construction timeline. Kenney Fort Blvd. Seg. 4C will complete the remaining gap to connect Us 79/Joe DiMaggio Blvd. to Old Settlers Blvd. to the north. This segment is currently in the plan preparation stage and is anticipated to bid by late 2020. No bid date has been set for this segment at this time.




Segment 4b - construction pending City Council approval




CP&Y, Inc.


Chasco Constructors - pending City Council approval


Gerald Pohlmeyer, Project Manager


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