Animal Control

The Animal Control Unit helps to ensure that our community enjoys a high quality of life by enforcing laws that protect citizens from dangerous animals and domestic animals from abuse and neglect.

We investigate a wide range of complaints, including barking dogs, animal bites, and animal-abuse complaints. Animals may be impounded and quarantined when appropriate to address safety and health concerns. Animal Control Officers may issue citations for violations of City Ordinance or state law. By working to help the public have a thorough understanding of and compliance with these laws, we promote the safety and well-being of animals and improve relations between animal owners and the general public.

Round Rock Animal Control Officers can be reached at 512-218-5500.

The Round Rock Animal Control Unit provides the following services for our residents:

  • Controlling loose livestock on roadways
  • Enforcing leash-law and other ordinances
  • Investigating dangerous -animal complaints
  • Investigation of dog/cat bites
  • Impounding stray dogs and cats
  • Removing deceased animals from public areas
  • Investigating animal-cruelty complaints

Learn more at our Animal Control FAQ pages.

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