Frequently Asked Questions


Where I can get information about bats?

You can get general information about bats from Bat Conservation International at 512-327-9721.

What do I do if a bat comes in contact with a person or an animal?

Call Animal Control immediately at 218-5500 if a bat comes in contact with a person or pet. Try to confine or keep track of the bat until Animal Control arrives to capture it for testing. Confine pets that have been exposed to bats and keep them away from people and other animals until the bat can be tested.

What do I do if I see a bat on the ground?

Animal control only removes bats from inside of residences. If people see a bat outside whether on the ground or not, they need to leave it alone. It will most likely fly away once it is ready. If they truly believe it’s injured and needs help, they must contact a wildlife rehabilitator for further assistance. We will not respond for this.

What do I do if a bat is trapped in a business or residence?

Animal control will only respond during normal business hours. They should open a window, turn the lights on, and vacate the room in an attempt to encourage the bat to remove itself. If that proves unsuccessful, they can contact a pest control or wildlife removal company for further assistance.

What do I do if a colony of bats has roosted in a building?

The City’s Animal Control Unit does not provide bat removal services when a colony has roosted in a building. Many pest control professionals can help you with this problem, and Bat Conservation International can provide you with information on how to evict bats yourself.

What do I do with a dead bat?

Animal control only collects bats that need to be tested for rabies. If you have a dead bat that does not require testing, you should dispose of it in your trash bin, and Round Rock Refuse will collect in on your next regularly scheduled trash pickup day.