Towing Information

How to locate your towed vehicle

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Towing regulations, registrations, ordinance and applications

Towing companies performing non-consent tows (the towing of a vehicle without the consent of the owner or lienholder) and those who are part of the Round Rock Police Department’s rotation list are regulated locally, by ordinance of the City of Round Rock and, on a larger scale, by the State of Texas.

Towing companies and their vehicle storage facilities are licensed through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR). Complaints regarding towing business practices and storage facilities of the same may be directed to TDLR.

City Ordinance

Towing companies seeking to perform non-consent tows within the city limits must comply with the Round Rock Code of Ordinances: Part II, Chapter 42; Article 1V. – Wreckers


Download the required towing applications as described in city ordinance:

Wrecker Business Supplemental App PA-009-04
Wrecker Business Rotation List App PA-011-04
Wrecker Business Inspection Sticker Checklist PA-008-04
Wrecker Business Certificate of Registration App PA-012-04
Wrecker Business Certificate of Insurance App PA-010-06