Water Leaks

**NEW** Sign Up for leak alerts at the new City Water Utility Portal!

If water goes through your meter for 24-hours without stopping, you will be notified of a potential leak on your property.  Sign up at https://rrtxwater.com

(Note: you’ll need your water account number to register on the portal).


If you suspect you have a leak, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure no water is running inside (washers are off, etc.)water-meter-edited
  2. Go outside and locate your water meter, typically it’s on the edge of your property, near the sidewalk or street, in a box with a black plastic, rectangular lid;
  3. There are usually two meters inside, yours and your neighbors. Yours is the one closest to your property. If you are able to, open the lid, look at the face of the meter; it is digital and similar to a car’s odometer.
  4. Watch it for five minutes to see if any of the numbers move or if an arrow symbol appears in the upper center square (where the red circle is on the meter face to the right).
  5. If an arrow symbol appears in the upper center of the meter, then water is going through the meter, which means something is “using” water on your property.
  6. You will need to call a professional to locate the leak and repair it, or attempt to find it yourself.

Click here for common places to check for a leak.


Watch this video on instructions on how to check your meter for a leak:

You can call the City’s Utility and Environmental Services Department at 512-218-5555 to request a leak check on your meter.  Please note, the City will not repair any leaks located on private property, only of the City side of the meter.  

Contact Utility Billing at 512-218-5460 if you have questions regarding your water bill.