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The Arts in Round Rock

Round Rock is an amazing city and continues to be one of the fastest growing municipalities in the United States. The City of Round Rock adopted an Arts Master Plan in June of 2011. “The City is at an important transition point: arts and culture are becoming a crucial component of the City’s quality of life.”

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To this end, the City Council has identified the need to expand and strengthen arts and cultural activities in Round Rock. The Arts Master Plan has been in place for eight years, and the City of Round Rock has provided the initial increase (organization and fund) in arts and culture assets. The Arts Master Plan is a fluid project that will be augmented to include new arts ideas, strengthen its arts and culture organizations, and visioning toward the future by growing and maintaining the quality of life with a strong and vibrant arts community.

Round Rock features an abundance of historical registered buildings, a rich history celebrating our Texas roots, our award-winning educational institutions, promoting many of Round Rock’s arts and cultural non-profit agencies, a vibrant Downtown historic area, businesses, restaurants, galleries and live performances featuring theatre, artist studios, museum, art gallery, an arts integration academy, and public art sculptures that make for a successful and fun place to see morning, noon and night. The Round Rock arts and cultural scene is becoming a tourist destination that attracts visitors, continues to preserve and reuse historic buildings, enhances the image and visibility of Round Rock’s place, and fosters a supportive environment for arts and culture.

The arts are an essential ingredient that makes our community whole, as well as unique. The investment the city is making through the arts is continuing to make Round Rock a truly special place.

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The mission of the arts and culture is to enrich the quality of life, support and foster the enjoyment, understanding, and development of the arts through diverse and engaging experiences. They contribute to the economy and tourism in the community.  The arts and culture also provide resources, education, and artistic initiatives to support and serve individual artists and arts organizations in our community.

The Arts and Culture of Round Rock is a Family Friendly Experience

Office of Arts and Culture

The Arts and Culture Director is responsible for implementing the City’s Arts and Culture Master Plan. The office supports the economic development of the community by adding value through the arts to downtown Round Rock and other areas. Arts and culture are important to the quality of life, strong communities and creating a fun, interesting place to live for our residents.

Scot S. Wilkinson
Director of Arts and Culture
221 E. Main Street
Round Rock, Texas 78664
512-671-2705 Office
940-391-1928 Cell