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“Gifted Sight – the Art of Kristopher Muldrew”

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Round Rock Arts “Pandemic Perspectives”


September 15 – November 20


Gifted Sight – the Art of Kristopher Muldrew

Helping to keep a local artist’s name alive through his art, the Downtowner Gallery presents a solo exhibit by Kristopher Muldrew


With a local family’s wish to keep Kristopher Muldrew’s name alive through his art, the Downtowner Gallery presents over a dozen works by this young painter, many of which reveal the influence of one of Kristopher’s favorite artists, the late Jean-Michel Basquiat.

That “Gifted Sight” is presented at 231 East Main Street is fitting: As a teen, Kristopher Muldrew worked in this very art gallery location, proudly welcoming visitors and interacting them about exhibits and creativity as a volunteer gallery docent for the nonprofit visual arts organization, Round Rock Arts.

About his art, the Muldrew family shares, “For those who are fortunate enough to behold a piece of his artwork, step away from it, his spirit will reveal what’s behind the abstract. You will be amazed.” His mother reveals that learning more about her son’s artistic influences has opened her eyes to even more of the nuance and meaning within Kristopher’s paintings.

About his personality, his family offers this lively description of this artist: “Kristopher was very creative, artistic, a charmer, inventor, a jokester, a comedian, amazing at helping people, a mediator, and a calm spirit. He enjoyed making people laugh, hunting, and fishing. You could never stay mad at him for long. He was the light of the family.” Kristopher leaves behind the love of his life, his two-year old son Kayden, who is already showing interest in art and musical instruments.

As a companion exhibit to “Pandemic Perspectives,” which shares viewpoints during the COVID crisis, “Gifted Sight” offers its own perspective during this pandemic: Of a family grieving the loss of its beloved family member during a time of isolation and their wish to have his art and his name continue to live onward through being exhibited.

The arts community in Round Rock expresses its condolences to this local artist’s family members.

Pandemic Perspectives

Curated by Round Rock Arts

How do we make sense of this strange new world due to Coronavirus? Curated by Round Rock Arts, this exhibit will showcase visual art reflecting local and area artists’ personal response to the quarantine or art that is inspired by some aspect of the global pandemic. When we first asked our creative community to start developing artwork for this concept, we had optimistically titled the exhibit, “After COVID.” As time wore on, it was sadly obvious we needed a new title.

What is the impact of this major pause and re-set for our planet? How has it changed your life or your relationships? These artists express their personal answers in this exhibit, and this show will serve as a historical record of a very strange but shared social experience.

The exhibit features creative expression related to pandemic and quarantine with a variety of emotions and perspectives:

  • honest perspectives and responses
  • solitude and loss
  • a reflection on the way life has changed
  • adjusting to the new ways of doing things
  • effects of social distancing, isolation from friends and family
  • an escape or longing for normalcy
  • signs of hope for the future

A virtual reception for this exhibit, featuring exhibiting artists, will be announced soon! We welcome you to support the arts by making a purchase. All artwork is for sale unless otherwise noted.

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