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Chief Isbell

The City welcomed Fire Chief Robert Isbell in a pinning ceremony on Dec. 12, 2016.  Chief Isbell is responsible for the overall management and strategic planning of the Fire Department.

Isbell had been Chief in Midland, Texas, since December 2010. He’s also served as Fire Chief in Euless, Texas, and Southlake, Texas. His firefighting career started in Mansfield, Texas, in 1985, where he rose to the rank of Captain.

Isbell holds a master’s degree in executive leadership and a bachelor’s degree in public safety administration, both from Grand Canyon University. He completed the Executive Fire Officer Program at the National Fire Academy, and the Certified Public Manager Program at Texas Tech University.

Chief Isbell has been married for 24 years to his wife, Laura, and they have three grown daughters.

Fire Chief Robert Isbell

Administrative Support Services

The Fire Department’s Support Service Division is responsible for:

  • asset accountability
  • vehicle maintenance
  • new programs committee
  • contracts
  • recruiting functions
  • facilities management
  • long-range planning
  • procurement of equipment
  • office and janitorial supplies

The division is also responsible for all staffing and operations of the department.

Hazardous Materials Team

The Fire Department has a skilled Hazardous Materials Team specially trained to handle dangerous goods or physical conditions that can harm people, property or the environment.

The team is comprised of 21 firefighters and one Team Leader. Seven of these team members are on each shift, with the majority of the team housed at Fire Station 6. The team has a trailer that carries all of their supplies in the event of an incident.

Team members participate in a total of 36 drills in conjunction with the Williamson County Hazardous Materials Team and the 6th civil Defense Team. 33 percent of the Hazmat Drills that take place in Williamson County are hosted in Round Rock. These drills allow the team to exercise their skills and allow them to be prepared in the event of a situation that requires their expertise.

Additionally, the Fire Department sends firefighters that are not certified as Hazardous Materials Technicians to attend training. The firefighters who complete the class successfully become members of the Hazardous Materials Team.

In 2009, the Fire Department pursued an action plan to have a special Hazardous Materials Fee Ordinance approved by the City Council. This allows the City of Round Rock to recover fees for Hazardous Materials incidents. The ordinance was approved, and since its inception has generated $11,000 in revenue.

Technical Rescue Team

The Fire Department’s Technical Rescue Team is specially trained in those aspects of saving life or property that employ the use of tools and skills that exceed those normally reserved for fire fighting, medical emergency, and rescue. The Team is comprised of 18 members and one Team Leader. There are six members per shift, with four located at Fire Station 2, and two alternates per shift located in other stations throughout the city. Each member of the team is expected to attend training each month that will enable the team to be ready for any incident. To accomplish this, the team attends one drill each month per shift for a total of 36 drills per year with the Williamson County Technical Rescue team. In addition, the team attends one 40-hour long class per year.
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