Community Risk Reduction

For emergencies, call 9-1-1


Everyone has a role in driving a community culture of safety and prevention.
CRR Vision: To improve the quality of life for every citizen.
CRR Mission: Proactive service for the citizens we serve.

What is Community Risk Reduction (CRR)?

  • Community Risk Reduction balances emergency responses with proactive, focused prevention efforts, driven by local data.
  • Identifying fire and life safety risks, prioritize them, focus energy on mitigation, prevention, and become a community player in order to reach all those in our service area.
  • What do home safety surveys consist of?
  • Smoke and CO detector checks/installs
  • Home exterior/interior evaluation
  • Cooking Habits
  • Fire Escape Plan
  • Trip and Fall hazard recognition
  • Overall Safe Environment
  • Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health Recognition  
    To request a home survey, click on the Home Safety Survey Link.


Success Stories

“I feel the service provided is absolutely invaluable to home owners in Round Rock to prevent home fires, especially in the area of smoke detectors that are strategically placed through the home. Also, having a experienced fireman come into the home just to observe the conditions in the home and make suggestions on how to keep the home safe from fires. By providing this service I feel the Fire Safety Service would save the valuable resources of the Round Rock Fire Department”.
Charles W.
Round Rock, West
“We are very conscious about not only home safety but conscious energy-savers. This survey helped us see where our efforts to ensure overall safety were done properly, and also how to do a better job in the years to come. There were many helpful suggestions made that will remain with me, some of which are simple, but so important to know! For example, how to care for your kitchen fire extinguisher and how to know when you need a new one (before you need it in an emergency). So valuable! Thank you for this valuable service”
Patricia E.
Round Rock, Forrest Creek
“I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to come to my home to make it safer. What a wonderful program this is, and it’s a great benefit to the whole community. Having the additional smoke detectors installed and your advice about the type of fire extinguisher to buy was invaluable.”
Pam G.
Round Rock, West

Community Risk Reduction

Round Rock Fire Dept.
203 Commerce Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78664
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