The City of Round Rock is committed to remain competitive in pay, benefits, and employee services with comparable markets. As such, a new labor contract is negotiated every 3 years. The current contract includes the following compensation and incentives.

Compensation and Pay

Cadet Compensation (Annually)

During academy: $57,653.09

Upon graduation: $67,827.17

Assignment, Certification, Education Pays

Following graduation from the academy, firefighters may be eligible for additional pay.  

Assignment Pays

Paramedic: $500 per month (once credentialed through WCEMS)
Special Team: $75 per month (if assigned)
Special Team Station: $75 per month (if assigned)
Spanish: $100 or $200 per month (based on proficiency)

Certification Pays

Intermediate Firefighter: $50 per month
Advanced Firefighter: $150 per month
Master Firefighter: $300 per month

Education Pays

Associate’s Degree: $125 per month
Bachelor’s Degree: $240 per month
Master’s Degree: $320 per month

Please note: Paychecks are distributed on a bi-weekly basis. These rates are subject to change due to meet and confer negotiations that take place every 2-3 years.

Pay Step Plan: SHIFT

Hourly Rate  based on 2912 hours for shift firefighters.


Hourly Rate  based on 2080 hours for firefighters on Admin Hours.

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