Budget Office

The Budget Office is responsible for producing, monitoring and reporting the City’s annual operating budget.

The City’s fiscal year (FY) is Oct. 1 through Sept. 30. In the spring the City begins the annual budget process to determine the needs of the City.  Public hearings regarding the budget are held in August / September of each year and are open to the public.

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Total Operating Budgets for FY 2018-2019

Fund RevenuesExpenditures
General Fund $114,039,635$126,552,138
General Capital Projects, Equipment  46,383,31343,504,105
Utility Fund  62,166,68521,583,071
Debt Service Fund 20,297,44883,768,067
Drainage Fund 3,724,8029,174,967
Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund 4,335,0007,269,521
Sport Center Fund 2,525,0002,293,284
Type B Fund 43,342,80055,464,854
Special Revenue Funds 4,731,3877,240,408
Total $301,546,070*$356,850,415

*Expenditures are higher than revenue this fiscal year because of planned capital expenditures to spend down bond proceeds and savings from prior years.

Each year the City develops a budget document which identifies spending plans and revenue estimates for City services.

If you have any questions regarding the City budget, email or call the Budget Office at 512-218-5400.