Budget Office

The Budget Office is responsible for producing, monitoring and reporting the City’s annual operating budget.

The City’s fiscal year (FY) is Oct. 1 through Sept. 30. In the spring the City begins the annual budget process to determine the needs of the City.  Public hearings regarding the budget are held in August / September of each year and are open to the public.

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Total Operating Budgets for FY 2017-2018

Fund RevenuesExpenditures
General Fund $104,778,704$110,806,800
General Capital Projects, Equipment 16,219,86359,857,199
Utility Fund 52,793,82975,928,239
Debt Service Fund 19,544,75019,206,912
Drainage Fund 3,579,0259,898,292
Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund 4,225,0005,293,961
Sport Center Fund 2,345,0002,202,261
Type B Fund 25,205,26640,752,434
Special Revenue Funds 4,153,0206,050,198
Total $232,844,457*$329,996,296

*Expenditures are higher than revenue this fiscal year because most of the General Capital Projects are being funded from General Obligation Bonds which were sold last fiscal year.

Each year the City develops a budget document which identifies spending plans and revenue estimates for City services.

If you have any questions regarding the City budget, email or call the Budget Office at 512-218-5400.