Water Conservation

Although no mandatory water restrictions are currently in effect, it’s still Texas and drought conditions are inevitable.

Help conserve our water supply while protecting your landscape by following the watering schedule and practicing smart water usage year-round.

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Report Water Waste

Water waste is always prohibited. To report a water waste violation, email Water Conservation, call 512-671-2872, or report on the RRTX app. Please include the date, time, location (address or intersection), and type of violation (i.e. water running into street).

Watering Schedule

The City encourages residents to follow the Watering Schedule even when no drought restrictions are in effect. The best time to water is before 10 a.m. or after 7 p.m.

Watering Schedule
Property TypeWatering Days
Residential Odd-Numbered AddressWednesday and/or Saturday
Residential Even-Numbered AddressThursday and/or Sunday
Commercial, Industrial, Multifamily, Institutional, GovernmentTuesday and/or Friday

Interested in reading the City’s water ordinances?  Find them at the following links:

Round Rock is a proud partner and supporter of the following water organizations:


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Water Conservation
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