Drought Restrictions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can my group hold a charity car wash or fund-raiser car wash while we’re in water restrictions?

A.  A charity or fund-raising car wash can only be held during the property’s allowed outdoor irrigation times and days, while we’re in Stage 1 or 2 drought restrictions. For example, if the car wash is going to be held in a bank parking lot, it can be held on a Friday or a Tuesday before 10am or after 7pm because that’s when that property is allowed to use water outdoors.

If the car wash is held at a commercial car wash facility, then it can be held any day at any time; it is exempt to the restrictions.  Commercial car washes control the runoff from the property and use more efficient equipment to wash the vehicles.

Q. Can I fill my swimming pool?

A.  Yes, you can fill your swimming pool on your assigned outdoor irrigation day.

Q.  I just had new landscaping installed at my house that needs to be watered more frequently. What do I do?

A.  Newly planted landscaping does need to be watered more frequently in order to establish it. If more than 25% of your yard has new sod or landscaped area, you may apply for a 30-day watering variance.  Fill out the form and submit it per the instructions.

Q.  Can I pressure wash my house?

A.  Yes, you can pressure wash your house on your assigned outdoor irrigation day. A commercial company that provides pressure washing as its main business is not restricted to specific watering days.

Q.  I see a property that is wasting water or watering on a day that isn’t their assigned water day.  Who do I report that to?

A.  Report water violations to the Water Conservation Program by email or by calling 512-671-2872.  You must include a property name, address, and a description of the violation (i.e. watering Monday at 2pm or lots of water running down the street) in order for staff to follow up on the complaint.  All complaints are kept confidential.

Q.  Can I use a slip-n-slide or other water toy, or inflatable water-using piece of equipment?

A.  Yes, provided there is no water run-off from the property where it’s being used. Use it in the grass or other pervious area so the water soaks into the ground.

Q.  When can I wash my vehicle?

A.  You can wash your vehicle on your designated irrigation day at your house, or you can take it to a commercial car wash facility any time they are open.

Commercial car washes are not restricted during water restrictions because they are more efficient than washing a vehicle at a private residence.  They capture and treat the dirty, soapy water onsite, or through the waste water lines, rather than letting the water drain into the storm water system, which is what happens when folks wash vehicles at home.  The commercial equipment uses more pressure and less gallons of water per minute than home washes, so they overall use less water per vehicle.