Monetary Support

Money is used for special projects such as adding furniture, hiring summer reading performers, purchasing materials, etc. Cash and checks are accepted. Checks can be made to either the City of Round Rock or to the Friends of the Round Rock Public Library and sent to:

Attn: Michelle Jones
200 E. Liberty Ave.
Round Rock, TX 78664

Donations for Purchasing Materials for the Collection

Money can be donated to purchase items in the memory or honor of someone. Donors may specify the types of material they wish the library to obtain.

For any type of monetary contribution, donors are asked to fill out the Memorial Honorarium Gift Form and to send it or bring it to the library with the donation.

Business Support

Businesses are encouraged to partner with the library to support the Summer Reading Program and other programs throughout the year. Examples of contributions include:

  • subsidizing a performer
  • donating coupons
  • donating gift certificates
  • providing special incentives for Summer Reading Program participants (branded pens, rulers, etc.)

For more information, contact Andrea Warkentin at 512-218-7011 (youth donations) or Michelle Cervantes at 512-218-7010 (adult donations).

Library Materials

Donations of books, CDs, DVDs, etc. in good condition are welcome! Items not used by the library for the collection or for prizes are placed in the Friends of the Round Rock Public Library book sale.

The library uses the same guidelines for inclusion of donated materials that it uses for purchases. For more information, please see our Collection Development Policies.

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