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Welcome to the Seed Library! Located on the 1st floor of the Round Rock Public Library, this is a unique collection of open-pollinated and heirloom seeds. Any Round Rock citizen can borrow and donate seeds! No library card required. Limit 3 packets per household.

Farmers and home gardeners have been saving and sharing seeds with each other for thousands of years. Unfortunately, the tradition has been largely abandoned over the past 100 years. Here are some reasons to start saving and sharing again:

  • Develop plant varieties that are uniquely adapted to our micro-climate and growing conditions
  • Increase agricultural biodiversity and local seed stocks
  • Ensure the resilience of our food supply
  • Support an abundant and genetically diverse landscape
  • Nurture a culture of sharing and abundance
  • Reconnect to the traditions of growing healthy, delicious food
  • Encourage our community to experience the joys of gardening

We invite you to ‘Check Out’ seeds from us and plant them in your garden. After the harvest, we encourage you to let your plants “go to seed,” and return some of those seeds to the library.

Donations help keep our collection sustainable, but we don’t require borrowers to return seed to us – especially those who are new to gardening. However, if you would like to learn how to save seeds, check out these books

Our seed collection depends on donations and seasonality. You’ll see different seeds available at different times, so check in frequently to see what’s available.

Why Lend Seeds at the Library?

Recognizing that the Round Rock Public Library System is a gateway to the community, we are committed to providing individuals, families, and businesses an opportunity to expand their knowledge, encourage personal growth, and enhance the quality of life in our dynamic and changing community. The library offers a broad and relevant collection to promote lifelong reading and learning using current technology to increase access to information resources. Seed lending dovetails with the mission of the Round Rock Public Library.

Seeds are just another non-traditional lending material similar to the way libraries lend books: ‘Check out’ seeds for free, plant and then harvest. But what is returned is not a basket of tomatoes (although we’re sure our library staff would appreciate that); instead Round Rock citizens return some seeds from the yield. These seeds are available for our community to plant next season.

How to Use the Seed Library

Borrowing from the Seed Lending Library is easy! Our only requirements are that borrowers live in Round Rock and be 18 or older. Here’s the process:

  1. Come to the 1st floor service desk at the Round Rock Public Library and ask to visit the Seed Library. No Library card required.
  2. Select the seeds you want.
  3. LIMIT 3 packets per household.
  4. Plant seeds in your garden
  5. Save seeds from the heartiest and healthiest of your harvest
  6. “Return” saved seeds to the library

Over time, our Seed Library will include a wide selection of seeds that are best suited to our micro-climate since they have grown to full fruition, responding to the local soil, climate and plant/animal diversity.

Donating to the Seed Library

We accept seed donations to sustain the collection. Please note the donation guidelines on the donation form. Bring your seeds in with a completed form for each type of seed donated. We also have printed copies of the donation form available. For questions, e-mail Chip Hadley at

Don’t live near Round Rock and want to get seeds? Visit for more information.

Contact Us

Chip Hadley, Library Supervisor
Phone: 512-218-7001

Because we serve the greater good, our community thrives.

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