Hazardous Materials Team

The Fire Department has a skilled Hazardous Materials Team specially trained to handle dangerous goods or physical conditions that can harm people, property or the environment.

The team is comprised of 21 firefighters and one Team Leader. Seven of these team members are on each shift, with the majority of the team housed at Fire Station 6. The team has a trailer that carries all of their supplies in the event of an incident.

Team members participate in a total of 36 drills in conjunction with the Williamson County Hazardous Materials Team and the 6th civil Defense Team. 33 percent of the Hazmat Drills that take place in Williamson County are hosted in Round Rock. These drills allow the team to exercise their skills and allow them to be prepared in the event of a situation that requires their expertise.

Additionally, the Fire Department sends firefighters that are not certified as Hazardous Materials Technicians to attend training. The firefighters who complete the class successfully become members of the Hazardous Materials Team.

In 2009, the Fire Department pursued an action plan to have a special Hazardous Materials Fee Ordinance approved by the City Council. This allows the City of Round Rock to recover fees for Hazardous Materials incidents. The ordinance was approved, and since its inception has generated $11,000 in revenue.