Drought Restrictions

No Restrictions Currently in Effect in 2019

While no mandatory restrictions are currently in effect in 2019, the City encourages you to practice smart water usage this summer. Only water on your designated day(s) if needed and keep in mind that water waste is always prohibited.

To report a water waste violation, email Water Conservation, call 512-671-2872 or report on the RRTX app. Please include date, time, location (address or intersection) and type of violation (i.e. water running into street).

Outdoor Watering Schedule
Property TypeWatering Days
Residential Odd-Numbered AddressWednesday and/or Saturday
Residential Even-Numbered AddressThursday and/or Sunday
Commercial, Industrial, Multifamily, Institutional, GovernmentTuesday and/or Friday

Stage I Drought Restrictions:

If you choose to water your yard, it can only occur on one of your designated watering days, and not between the hours of 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Watering by hand is allowed on any day at any time.

The following activities are allowed in compliance with the watering schedule above:

  • outdoor watering
  • foundation watering
  • washing vehicles at a private residence
  • filling swimming pools or spas
  • golf course irrigation
  • operating water features and fountains that DO recirculate water
  • charity or fund-raiser car washes

Not allowed:

  • street, sidewalk, patio washing
  • operating water features and fountains that DO NOT recirculate water


  • commercial car washes
  • commercial plant nurseries
  • commercial power/pressure washing companies
  • athletic fields where field is in use (organized youth, amateur, or professional sports)
  • necessary usage to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public (i.e. washing garbage trucks and vehicles used to transport food or perishables)
  • irrigating using other sources of water, such as groundwater from a private well, reuse water, or rain water.

Have more questions about the water restrictions? See our common questions and answers.

You can find the full Drought Contingency Plan here.

If you are installing new landscaping over 25% of the property, this includes new development, you must apply for a watering variance if you plan to water it more frequently than twice per week.

To learn more ways you can use less water, visit the City’s Water Conservation Program page.