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Summer Reading Program

Everyone reads, everyone wins--plus we help our community, too!


FAQs  |  Adult Program


Make plans to join in fun during the 2021 Summer Reading Program. We’re hosting reading challenges for babies, kids, teens, and adults, plus a smattering of activities presented as safely as possible. 

Read. Read. Read. 

There’s a Summer Reading Challenge for every age. Earn prizes with our mobile-friendly software–it’s easier than ever to register families together and to update several individual reading logs at the same time. 

Register any time from June to early August. 

Track your reading from June 7 to August 2. 

Try something new 

Reading is one of many ways we learn. Engage with special programs and performers to meet new people, think new thoughts and sample new skills. 

Follow your bliss 

Summer is a unique season when many people, particularly those in school, have extra unstructured time to explore their own interests. The Library applauds self-directed discovery, and has a wealth of materials and friendly helpers to support explorers on their journeys. 

Give back

It’s been a hard year for so many of us. Maybe you’d love to offer a helping hand to your neighbors, but are barely getting by yourself.

So we’re offering a repeat of last summer’s successful #CommunityReads program. The Friends of Round Rock Public Library will make a $300 donation to the Round Rock Area Serving Center once we collectively log 1 million points.

It matters 

Summertime learning, particularly through self-directed reading, is an important way to combat summer slide. Help your kids maintain–or even improve–their hard-won reading skills with regular visits to the library this summer.

And model reading by reading to them, and letting them see you read, too–you may enjoy our adult program. 

Feedback or Suggestions? 

We love your suggestions, comments, and offers to help. Please keep in touch!