The Utilities and Environmental Services Department is committed to providing customers with water that is safe to drink, readily available, and of excellent quality.

For Water or Wastewater Emergencies, call 512-218-5555, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Current Water News and Events:

    • *NEW* DIY Water Saving Tool Kit to check out from the library!  Full of resources to help you find and fix leaks and reduce your water use.
    • New Outdoor Watering Schedule – Find out your new watering days!
    • Rebates on many water-efficient products and services.
    • Think you may have a water leak?  Request a Free Leak Detection Kit.
    • Want specific weekly lawn watering advice? Sign up at Water My Yard.
    • View your water usage, current conservation programs, and more at RRTXWater.com
    • Questions about Tap Water and how it’s regulated, treated, and monitored? Find answers at Drink Tap

Home Utilities Guide

The how-tos and what-ifs of your home’s water and wastewater (sewer) utilities. How to shut-off your water, bypass water softeners, determine if you have a water leak, and more with the Home Utilities Guide.

Water Calculator

Interested in knowing what uses the most water at your house?  It could be driving, washing dishes, or what kind of food you eat?  It could be landscaping, shopping, or where your energy comes from!  Find out your household’s water footprint

Outdoor Watering Schedule

The City implemented a new outdoor watering schedule in January 2021. The new watering days are based on the last number of your address and are now spread out over seven days rather than six to better balance water usage throughout the week.

The best time to water is before noon or after 7 p.m. The watering schedule is voluntary unless drought restrictions are in place; however, the City recommends you follow the schedule even when no drought restrictions are in effect.

New Outdoor Watering Schedule (effective 1/29/21)
Address Ends in Twice per Week – Stage 1* Once per Week – Stage 2*
0 Monday / Thursday Thursday
1 Wednesday / Saturday Wednesday
2 Tuesday / Friday Tuesday
3 Monday / Thursday Monday
4 or 8 Sunday / Thursday Sunday
5 or 9 Wednesday / Saturday Saturday
6 or 7 Tuesday / Friday Friday

Water: What You Pay For

Want to know what you’re paying for? Watch this quick video about the water service a typical residential water bill covers, and the costs of delivering a consistent, reliable flow of safe and affordable drinking water to your faucet.

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Water Sources

Round Rock’s primary water source is Lake Georgetown. When needed, the City pumps water into Lake Georgetown from Lake Stillhouse Hollow. The City also supplements our lake water supplies with water from the Edwards Aquifer and Lake Travis. Learn more about Round Rock’s Water Sources or visit Water Usage to see current lake levels, city water usage, and more.