Strategic Master Plan

Round Rock Public Library is looking ahead and planning for the future growth of library services and facilities for the citizens of Round Rock.

The Strategic Master Plan, prepared by Godfrey’s Associates, evaluated the Library’s present condition and developed an action plan for the Library’s future. Findings and recommendations from the plan will assist decision-making over the next ten years in the key areas of facilities, services and technology.

The Strategic Master Plan


Complete Strategic Master Plan: Strategic Master Plan

Executive Summary: Executive Summary

Introduction: Introduction

Section 1: Demographics and Growth Report

Section 2: Library Services Analysis Report

Section 3: Future Trends Report

Section 4: Potential Partnerships Report

Section 5: SWOT Analysis

Section 6: Core Library Business Plan

Section 7: Funding Plan

Section 8: Action Plan




Appendix 1.1: Demographic Profile

Appendix 1.2: Population Projections 2013 to 2033

Appendix 2.1: Summary of Focus Group Comments

Appendix 2.2: Stakeholders Interviewed

Appendix 2.3: In-Library Survey Results

Appendix 2.4: Online Survey Results

Appendix 2.5: Non-User Telephone Survey Results

Appendix 2.6: Comparative Stats: Peer Communities

Appendix 2.7: Comparative Stats: Peer Libraries

Appendix 5.1: Organization Charts

Appendix 5.2: Collection Age Reports

Appendix 5.3: Existing Building Retrofit Costs

Appendix 5.5: Five-Year Use Comparison 2009-2012

Appendix 7.1: Operational Budget Projections

Appendix 7.2: Estimate Value of Selected Services