Pet snake

Rocksssanne charms visitors of all ages

Curious about our beloved pet snake? Read on!


Our snake’s full name is Miss Rocksssanne NoFeet, but we call her Rocksssanne. The children of Round Rock submitted ideas and chose her name when we adopted her in 2000.

Type of snake

Rocksssanne is a Python Regius, which is commonly known as a ball python in this area, but is sometimes known as a royal python in other parts of the world.

Rocksssanne is a ground-dwelling snake whose native habitat would have been the grasslands and savannahs in the northern and western parts of the African continent.




We are not sure how old Rocksssanne is, but here are some clues:

  • We adopted Rocksssanne on January 20, 2000.
  • We think she was approximately three years old at the time.

Can you guess her current age?


Rocksssanne is a little longer than 48 inches. She has been this size for a long time, and we do not expect her to grow much larger. Back when she hatched, she was probably 8-16 inches long.


Her favorite meal is a nice fat gerbil, but she will accept a couple of mice when no gerbils are available. She only eats every few weeks, and even less often during the winter months. Now that she is an older snake, she eats less frequently than she did when she was young.


Ball pythons raised as pets are expected to live approximately 20 years.

Life at Library

When the downtown library building’s remodeling and expansion was completed in 1999, the Youth Services Department decided a pet would be a perfect addition to the new space. Her habitat is on the first floor, in the window of the Youth Services office (just past the book drop in in the hallway that leads to the bathrooms).

We carefully considered the needs of various pets, our staff, and our guests, and decided that we could provide the best home for a snake, a ball python in particular. Ball pythons do not have pet dander or other allergens, they do not require attention when the library is closed, and they are friendly, beautiful, and fascinating animals.

Like all ball pythons, Rocksssanne is nocturnal, meaning her natural time to be awake is at night. Even so, Rocksssanne is a favorite with library guests; she regularly has visitors who peer through her window to see her coiled up in her log, snoozing so snug and beautiful. Rocksssanne has a heating pad under her log, and a nice warm lamp above it.

Rocksssanne is a beloved community member, making appearances at library programs, schools, community events, and even on television and Internet videos. Pictures of her decorate the Play for All Abilities Park. We think she is adorable, so we like to post photos of her on the Library’s social media pages.

We don’t wake up her to meet every admirer, but groups that arrange a visit in advance may ask to meet her. Another way to meet her is to come celebrate her birthday–the Youth Services department lets Rocksssanne visit all of the programs for kids and teens near the date of her adoption, Jan. 20.