Development Survey

How are we doing?

Please click here to complete the Planning and Development Services Department’s customer survey and give us you positive and critical assessments. Responses are made public (see below) but individuals’ names and project names will not be posted.

Customer Service Survey Report

Click here for the Customer Service Survey Report, which includes responses from the public and staff follow up comments (last updated May 20, 2021).

Target: Planning and Development Services strives for a 90% satisfaction rating for the following:

Did City staff administer the development process fairly?                  YES:  97%     NO: 1%      No Response: 2%
Would you recommend Round Rock as a place to do business?       YES:  97%     NO: 1%      No Response: 2%
Figures based on 205 surveys submitted between September 2010 and May 25, 2022.

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