Development Process




Annexation is the first step in the development process and is the process of incorporating new land into the city limits. Areas within the city limits are eligible to receive city services including municipal water, wastewater, residential trash collection, police and fire protection.


Zoning designates land uses and separates incompatible uses to improve public health and safety. Establishing land use and development standards not only improves the quality of development, but creates realistic development expectations and stabilizes property values.


Subdivision Platting is the division of property into legal lots that conform to the City’s specifications as provided in the Subdivision Ordinance (Part III Chapter 4). The Subdivision Ordinance gives standards for designating residential and commercial lots, roads (rights-of-way), parkland dedication, drainage and utility easements, and how city services will be extended to each lot.

Subdivision Improvements

The applicant is responsible for extending subdivision improvements (streets, water, wastewater and drainage) to each lot. The plan review, construction inspection, and fiscal posting process are coordinated through the Planning and Development Services Department.  Refer to the subdivision improvement permit packet for more information.

Construction Inspection

The Construction Inspection Division is responsible for the inspection of all civil construction within the City of Round Rock’s rights-of-way and easements. This division protects the health, safety and welfare of the general public by ensuring construction conforms to City codes and specifications.

Site Improvements

Site development is the construction of features particular to an individual lot, such as driveways, parking lots, landscaping, irrigation, lighting, fire hydrants and utility connections from the stub to the features they serve. Before construction begins, the City must verify that the applicant’s proposal meets all applicable codes, and occasionally resolve conflicts between codes or adjust them to accommodate a physical feature of the site. For more details, forms and further information please refer to the site development permit packet.

Building Permits

Inspection Services is responsible for the issuance of all building permits within the City of Round Rock. All structures constructed within the City of Round Rock require a permit.

Building Inspection

Inspection Services is responsible for the inspection of all structures in the City before occupancy to ensure compliance with ordinances, building codes and applicable specifications.

Zoning and Forestry Inspection

A Landscape and Forestry inspection will be conducted to ensure that all requirements of the Zoning Ordinance and Tree Protection and Preservation Ordinance are implemented in accordance with the approved Site Development Permit Plans.  

Close Out

Close out is the final step in development in the City of Round Rock. This step includes warranty of improvements the City will own and maintain as well as ensuring all required letters, approvals, bonds and easements are complete. A meeting is required to discuss all applicable items for close out.  To arrange a Close Out Meeting you may call 512-341-3161 or  email.

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