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Zoning Verification Letters provide information to regulators, lenders and attorneys about the uses permitted on a particular property, its development potential and compliance with current zoning ordinances. If you do not require a signed letter you can look up the current zoning of a property using CityView, Round Rock’s internet map server. Zoning districts’ legally permitted uses and development standards are posted in the Code of Ordinances.

Zoning verification letters for business permitting

Some agencies require a zoning verification letter for certain businesses (such as tattooing) to prove that the proposed business is legally permitted in the proposed location. To request this type of zoning verification letter please send the following information to kharding@roundrocktexas.gov or 512-218-5421:

  • Type of business activity (e.g. microblading, tattooing, piercing, etc.)
  • Address of proposed business activity

The letter will be issued as a pdf; if you require a paper letter please provide a mailing address. There is no fee for this type of letter.

Zoning verification letters for real estate transactions

Most letters can be completed within a few working days. The letter will be emailed as a pdf and a paper copy sent via US mail to the requestor (or other party if indicated). To request a zoning verification letter please email the following information to kharding@roundrocktexas.gov  or fax (512-218-3286):

  • Address of property
  • Requestor’s contact information (name, phone, email)
  • If the letter is to be addressed to another party, that party’s name and address
  • If the letter is to be mailed/emailed to another party, that party’s name and address/email

There is a $50 fee for this type of zoning verification letter. To pay with a credit card (Visa, MC, AmEx, Applepay) contact Planning and Development Services at 512-218-5428. Make checks payable to “City of Round Rock, TX” and send to: Attn: Zoning Verification, Round Rock Planning Department, 301 W. Bagdad Ave., Suite 210, Round Rock, TX  78664. 

Note: It is not possible to determine conclusively that a property is in conformance with current codes without a survey/inspection of the property in its current condition.

The zoning verification letter includes the following information:

  • Current zoning (base and overlay zoning districts)
  • Historic designation (indicated by the H (Historic) overlay zoning district)
  • Variances and/or Special Exceptions
  • Whether the current use is permitted
  • Zoning of adjacent properties
  • Current zoning and environmental code violations

The zoning verification letter does not include the following information, which may be obtained through an Open Records Request.

  • Building permit information and Certificates of Occupancy
  • Copies of as-built site plans
  • Known current building code violations
  • Known current fire code violations


Zoning map

If you do not require a signed letter, you can look up the current zoning of a property using CityView, Round Rock’s internet map server. You may also ask Planning & Development Services staff. There is no charge for this service.

Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)

Copies of all PUDs and amendments are available online.  These documents have been edited for length and may not include the entire ordinance adopting the PUD, but do include the entire development agreement.

Future Land Use Map (FLUM) and Comprehensive Plan

O-2020-0175 Future Land Use Map https://roundrock2030.com

Planned road improvements

Refer to https://www.roundrocktexas.gov/city-departments/transportation/  or contact CIP Program Director Gerald Pohlmeyer at 512-218-5589

Replacement threshold

(Part III Section 2-98: Nonconformities) “In the event that a nonconforming building or structure is damaged more than 50% of its fair market value by fire, act of God etc., repairs and/or replacements must conform to all current regulations of the district in which it is located.”

Zoning and Development Code 

O-2018-5865 City of Round Rock Code of Ordinances, Part III Zoning and Development Code 

Part III Sec. 1-50: Definitions
Part III Chapter 2: Zoning districts and use regulations
Part III Sec. 2-91: Supplementary use standards
Part III Sec. 2-98: Nonconformities
Part III Chapter 8: Zoning and Development Standards (e.g. off-street parking)
                Ch. 8 Article I: Compatibility standards and buffers
                Ch. 8 Article II: Landscaping
                Ch. 8 Article III: Tree protection and preservation
                Ch. 8 Article IV: Fences
                Ch. 8 Article V: Screening
                Ch. 8 Article VI: Off-street parking and loading
                Ch 8 Article VII: Access and circulation
                Ch. 8 Article VIII: Outdoor storage and display
                Ch. 8 Article IX: Signs
                Ch. 8 Article X: Buildings and building regulations

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