Zoning Application Information

Application and submittal information

Please contact Alice Guajardo at 512-218-5425  regarding zoning questions, or to discuss a zoning proposal before submitting an application. If you have questions regarding the zoning application process, contact Cecilia Chapa at 512-671-2727.

Applications are due by noon on the submittal date. Late, early, and incomplete applications will not be accepted. A staff member will check the application for completeness while the applicant is present; for this reason it is strongly advised that applications be submitted in person. 

Roadway impact fee and traffic impact analysis (TIA)

Contact Transportation Planner Ed Polasek at 512-341-3167 for Roadway Impact Fee and Traffic Impact Analysis information.

Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)

A Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a site-specific zoning district tailored to a specific location and use(s). PUDs allow greater flexibility than standard zoning districts, but the development must be of equal or better quality. The application and adoption process for a PUD is the same as for standard zoning although the fees are different. Contact Alice Guajardo at 512-218-5425  for additional information.

A list of existing PUDs in Round Rock is posted online. PUD agreements are adopted as amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and transfer to subsequent property owners just like any other zoning district. A PUD may be amended, or may be removed by rezoning the property to another zoning district or another PUD.


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