The Historic Round Rock Collection

The Downtown Historic District

The Historic Round Rock Collection is a project documenting Round Rock’s history, funded in part with a grant from the Texas Historical Commission. These pages are adapted from the original 1991 print version; later additions have been made by staff. Recent Round Rock news is given in the News feature

The Round Rock Historic Commercial District was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. The district consists of the buildings fronting the 100 and 200 blocks of E. Main Street and the Old Post Office/Masonic Lodge at 107 S. Mays Street. Many of the buildings in the District were built in the late 1800s when the railroad was first extended to the area, stopping just short of the original town of Round Rock on the Chisholm Trail. More information about the history of downtown and its buildings are available in The Story of New Town and Historic Architecture. Click image for larger map.

KeyAddressConstruction Date
1Old Broom Factory
100 E. Main Street
2Otto Reinke Building
102 E. Main Street
3104 E. Main Street1949
4-5108 & 110 E. Main Street1880
6112 E. Main Street1880
7114 E. Main Street1880, facade replaced ca. 1960
8116 E. Main Street1880?
9Farmers State Bank
118 E. Main Street
10The Mercantile
200 E. Main Street
11Economy Drug Store
204 E. Main Street
12Dr. Dick Gregg’s Office
206 E. Main Street
ca. 1930
13Palm House/Chamber of Commerce
212 E. Main Street
1873, moved to present location 1973
14J.A. Nelson Co. 
201-203 E. Main Street
15Carrington Building
121 E. Main Street
16119 E. Main Street1881
17117 E. Main Street1891
18115 E. Main Street1885
19113 E. Main Streetca. 1920, extensively altered
20111 E. Main Street1916-1925
21109 E. Main Street1885
22105 E. Main Street1876
23103 E. Main Street1876
24Kopperal’s (Koppel’s) Store
101 E. Main Street
24Bus Depot
105 S. Mays
25Old Post Office/Masonic Lodge
107 S. Mays Street
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