The Historic Round Rock Collection

Oral Histories

The Historic Round Rock Collection is a project documenting Round Rock’s history, funded in part with a grant from the Texas Historical Commission. These pages are adapted from the original 1991 print version; later additions have been made by staff. Recent Round Rock news is given in the News feature

Friends of the Public Library Interviews

During the early 1980s, the Friends of the Round Rock Public Library conducted numerous interviews with long-time Round Rock residents. Jane DiGesualdo, Ken England, and members of the Sam Bass Theater Association conducted most of the interviews. Only one tape has been completely transcribed, that of a general meeting held on February 24, 1981.

Dedication of the Main Street Markers
General Meetings(3)
Fred Martin Anderson
Fred and Ester Anderson
Leona Anderson
Vivian N. and Emil Anderson
P. Bergland
Ethel Warner Berkman
Adolf John Bohls
Miss Bowmer
Delia May Brown
Elena Fouse Crumley
(about Captain Nelson Merrell)
Norma James Daffern
Pete Daily
Ellen J. Blair Davis
Mr. Deader
Velma Miller Deison
Jean Crier Goodrich

Lanella Chambers Gordon
Mrs. Greggs
Noel Grisham
Ellen McKamy Inman
May Kavanaugh
Mary E. Sansom Kimbro
Hazel Halton Lyndelius
Martha Warren Mcneese
Marvin Olson
Anne Hester Bustin Parker
Luther and Rosa Peterson
Pauline Peterson
Mildren Ross Roberts
Round Rock Ice House/Bottling Works
Nancie Hester Schoenfeld
Mrs. Stearns
Xenia Voigt
Manor York

Transcribed Oral Histories

In addition, two interviews were conducted by City of Round Rock Planning Interns in 1991. Click on the names below to view the following interviews in their entirety.

Trinidad Joe Amaro
Lorenzo Rubio (interview summary)

Williamson County Historical Commission (WCHC)

Echoes Interviews

In 1988, local high school students, as a part of a school project, interviewed more than thirty people and published the results in a book entitled Echoes which is available in the public library.

Palm Valley Lutheran Church
Quilting Bee (Group Interview)
Wesleyan Home (Group Interview)
Brady and Ina Anderson
Claude Berkman
Norman Dedear
Iva Dietrich
Amy Faubion
Abalone Harton
Marie Jacobs
Carmen Jimenez
Bertha Johnson
Joe Lee Johnson
Earl Klattenhoff
Myrtle Knauth
Bertha Looney
Moody Mayfield

Thelma McNeese
Ignacio Mendez
Stella Nelson
Linda Perez
Ruth Pfluger
Aina Raff
Yolanda Sanchez
Francis Sandberg
Mertha Schawe
Nel Sloan
Margaret Stearns
Mary Steinocher
Grace Telander
Tellie Toliver
Ben Urbanek
Rudolf and Doris Wallin
Phillip Warner

In the uncataloged files on the second floor of the public library is a transcript of a conversation between Joe Lee Johnson, Murray Ham, and Reggie Richardson dated February 24, 1977. Additional interview tapes are owned by Jeff Thompson.

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