Sign and Banner Permits

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Application information and references

New permitting procedures

  • Bring completed sign permit applications to the Building Inspection Division in their new offices at 301 W. Bagdad Ave. Suite 100 (first floor)  512-218-5550.
  • Banners now require a permit. Previously they were not allowed in the city. Bring banner permit applications to the Planning & Development Services offices at 301 W. Bagdad Ave., Suite 210 (second floor) 512-218-5428.
  • If the sign or banner is for the promotion of a special event or temporary use, it will be included as a condition of the special event or temporary use permit; a separate sign permit is not necessary (see Section 30-19: Promotional signs).

General provisions of the sign ordinance

All sign and banner-related standards are located in Chapter 30: Signs. Some types of signs are exempt from the permit requirement (Section 30-3: Signs exempt from the regulations), but are still subject to standards specified in the ordinance.

Sign standards are based on which road type they face and whether they are in a special area. Special area standards supersede road type standards.
Section 30-6: Criteria for determining sign standards: road types and special areas

The building sign area (total area of all the wall, awning, canopy, projecting and hanging signs) allowed on each building elevation (or street frontage) is based on the road type and the wall frontage length for each occupant.  Special purpose building signs (window signs, banners, building scrims, signs for home occupations, parking garages and detached vehicle service canopies) are not included in the building sign total, and are subject to separate standards.
Section 30-5: Measurement standards
Section 30-8: Building sign standards
Section 30-9: Special-purpose building sign standards

The types and total number of freestanding signs for a site is determined by the size of the lot, road type, and distance from other freestanding signs. Separate standards apply for monument, low-profile, pylon, pillar, post/panel, and armature signs. Special purpose freestanding signs (sidewalk signs, directional signs and light pole-mounted banners) are not included in the freestanding sign total.
Section 30-10: Freestanding sign standards
Section 30-11: Special purpose freestanding sign standards

Pylon (pole) signs are only permitted on freeway road frontages, or on a commercial road within 500 ft. of the main freeway lanes.
Section 30-10 (h): Pylon signs Link goes to 30-10; scroll down to (h)

Additional standards apply to electronic messaging centers (EMCs). Refer to each sign type for whether they are permitted on that type, and for size standards. EMCs are not permitted in building signs except on parking garages.
Section 30-10 (f): Electronic messaging centers (EMCs) (Link goes to 30-10; scroll down to (f)


Sign area measurement instructions: Section 30-5: Measurement standards
Section 30-12: Sign maintenance standards
Section 30-13: Prohibited signs
Section 30-3: Signs exempt from the regulations
Section 30-14: Nonconforming signs
Section 30-4: Definitions

Staff contacts

For questions regarding permanent signs or a comprehensive sign plan, contact Diane Buck at 512-341-3166.  For questions regarding banners, contact Kerstin Harding at 512-218-5421.