Food Truck Permits

Permits to host food trucks on your property

Permits are issued to the site hosting the MFE (or if operating on city property, to the MFE operator). Applications to host MFEs should be completed and returned to the Planning & Development Services office. Permits are $150 and are valid for one calendar year, expiring on December 31.

Business may host one or more MFEs on their property as an accessory use supporting the following primary uses:

  • A restaurant or bar on a lot zoned MU-1, or zoned PUD that is adjacent to lots zoned MU-1 or MU-2
  • A pedestrian promenade in a multi-tenant center that is not visible from the public right-of-way
  • An event center
  • A small-scale alcohol production facility
  • A higher education facility, office campus, or business/industrial park
  • A municipal park and recreation facility

The following conditions apply:

  • If the site is a public facility, the applicant must document permission to host an MFE from the department operating the facility
  • No new electric meters, water or wastewater connections may be added to serve the MFE(s)
  • MFEs visible from public rights-of-way may not park a vehicle overnight except on weekends and Sunday and Thursday nights that coincide with a federal holiday on the following day
  • The ordinance contains site location criteria for where MFEs can locate on a site
  • The facility hosting the MFE is responsible for any code violations and resulting penalties that may occur
  • MFEs must be in compliance with Williamson County and Cities Health District regulations and applicable City fire department regulations.

Send permit applications to Diane Buck, 512-341-3166.

Search for sites with MFE permits

If you are an MFE operator you can look up locations with active MFE permits with eTrakit, our online permit tracker. Open the Permit Search, and look for permit numbers containing FOOD.