Comprehensive Plan 101

The City of Round Rock adopts a new comprehensive plan every 10 years. The previous comprehensive plan, Places and Spaces: Round Rock General Plan 2020, was adopted by the City Council in 2010. The new comprehensive plan will highlight how Round Rock has changed over the past decade and create a vision for the next decade. Round Rock 2030 will be published in a user-friendly print format and a web-based companion to facilitate the plan’s use as a reference. 

Why do cities plan?

  • To guide city growth
  • To influence policy decisions
  • To ensure a successful future

What is a comprehensive plan?

  • Guide for City Leaders to decide “what goes where”
  • Used by City Staff to make policy decisions about transportation, parks, utilities, economic development, land use, etc.
  • Reflects the needs and wants of business and residents
  • Critical for sustainable growth


What kind of information will be included in Round Rock 2030?

Round Rock 2030 will be broad in scope, allowing for flexibility while providing a basis for policy and zoning decisions. The plan will cover development issues across the city, identifying areas that are most suitable or unsuitable for certain types of development, and establishing policies that will help leaders implement the vision set out in the plan. This plan is created to fit in with the City’s other long-range plans, the City Council’s Strategic Plan, and department-specific master plans, such as the Transportation Master Plan.

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