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2021 Local Legend nominations due May 31

Nominations for the Local Legend Award are accepted year-round but must be received by May 31 to be considered for the 2021 awards. If you would like to nominate someone to be honored as a Local Legend, please complete a nomination form (Wordfill or pdf) and email to locallegend@roundrocktexas.gov, or print and mail to the Planning and Development Services Department (address in the Nominations section below).

Please note that the nomination instructions have changed slightly. In order to emphasize the historic aspect of the awards, nominations must reflect contributions made to Round Rock’s history at least 40 years ago.

About the Local Legend Awards 

The Local Legend Award is a Round Rock historic preservation program recognizing contributions to Round Rock’s history in the areas of historic preservation, history, culture, diversity, and/or heritage. Local Legend nominations must have a direct connection to the founding of the City of Round Rock or help tell the complete story of the City of Round Rock after its founding through city development, preservation issues, achievements and efforts. A nominee may be a person, place, object or site that reflects contributions to Round Rock’s history at least 40 years ago.



Each year’s Local Legends are selected late summer, but nominations for future awards are accepted year-round. If you would like to nominate someone to be honored as a Local Legend, please complete a nomination form (Wordfill or pdf) and email to locallegend@roundrocktexas.gov, or print and mail to:

The Historic Preservation Commission
c/o Planning and Development Services Department
301 W. Bagdad Avenue, Suite 210
Round Rock, TX 78664

Selection Committee

Local Legends are selected by a volunteer committee appointed by the HPC. The Committee is responsible for outreach to encourage nominations, reviewing nominations to select the Local Legends, and assisting with the award presentation to the City Council.  If you are interested in being a part of the Local Legend Selection Committee please send a completed Selection Committee application to either:

  • Send a completed pdf copy (or just send that info on the application in the body of an email) to locallegends@roundrocktexas.gov or
  • Print and mail to: Planning & Development Services Department, 301 W. Bagdad Ave. Ste. 210, Round Rock TX 78664


Previous Local Legends

2020 Local Legends

Charlie Culpepper
George White
Juanita Jewel Shanks Craft
St. Paul AME Church

2019 Local Legends

Faye Johnson
The Sauls Family
The Tonkawa Tribe

2018 Local Legends

T. Nyle Maxwell Jr.
Waymon Ferrell (1894-1980)
The Water Tower

2017 Local Legends

Vera and Joe Bloomer
Jim Boles
El Amistad Club of Round Rock

2016 Local Legends

James W. Carothers (1923-2004)
Jon E. Sloan
The Immortal Ten

2015 Local Legends

Rufus Honeycutt
Bonnie Horowitz
St. William Catholic Church
Washington Anderson (1817-1894)
Vander Clyde Broadway “Barbette” (1899-1973)

2014 Local Legends

Lambert Peterson
Sharon Prete (1943-2013)
Sheriff James Milton Tucker (1843-1907)
The Texas Baptist Children’s Home

2013 Local Legends

Rev. Freeman Smalley (1790-1881)
Jack Jordan (1872-1959)
Bob Bennett
The Stagecoach Inn (built 1848-1853)

2012 Local Legends

Dr. Thomas Kenney & Kenney Fort
Elmer A. Cottrell (1910-1979)

2011 Local Legends

Louis Henna (1914-1990)
Oliver Leppin, Sr. (1917-1993)
Robert L. “Buck” Egger (1896-1973)
Jacob M. Harrell (1804-1853)

2010 Local Legends

Judy McLeod
Martin & Francinn Parker
Dr. Robert Peters (1933-2012)
Nancy & Virg Rabb

2009 Local Legends

Rose Marie “Posey” McClung
Earl Palmer (1928-2013)
The Nelson Family
The Avery Family


No awards 2007 & 2008

2006 Local Legends

Thomas C. Oatts (1815-1885)
“Historical Round Rock” (book) by
Jane H. DiGesualdo & Karen R. Thompson

No awards between 2003-2005


2002 Local Legends

Hester Family

2001 Local Legends

Allen R. Baca (1921-2002)
Laverne Reinhardt (1924-2010)

2000 Local Legends

Bunky Whitlow
Ellen Davis
Marcia Hilsabeck

No awards in 1999

1998 Local Legends

Lone Star Bakery
Robert G. Griffith
Florentino Hernandez

1997 Local Legends

Trinity Lutheran Home
Ben Salazar
Grace Telander

1996 Local Legends

Harriet Rutland
Tom Lopez
Pete Correa

1995 Local Legends

Betty Porter
Xenia Voigt
Lt. Col. William Todd

1994 Local Legends

Garfield McConico
Lerlene Ward
O. F. Perry
Noel Grisham
Joanne Land

1993 Local Legends

Claude Berkman
Billie Sue Henna
Rudolf Pettersen
Eugene Quick

1992 Local Legends

Mrs. Tiny McNeese (1902-1998)
The Rubio Brothers (Mack and Lorenzo Rubio)
Mrs. Genoveva Rendon

1991 Local Legends

Joe Lee Johnson
David Carlin Sr.
Rev. Oliver Berglund
The Domino Players
The Old Settlers Association