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Information for development and construction professionals

Department Offices:

McConico Building, 301 W. Bagdad Avenue, Round Rock, Texas 78664
Inspection Services, Suite 100, 512-218-5550,  Building Permits, Building Inspections
Planning and Development Services, Suite 210, 512-218-5428
   Zoning & PUDs, Site DevelopmentSubdivision Platting, Subdivision Improvements, Annexation 

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Development Permit Tracker
Instructions for Development Permit Tracker (pdf)
Site Permit Status 
PDS staff contacts & organization (pdf) updated January 2017
Planning & Zoning Commission 2017 meeting and submittal schedule (pdf)
Development Process Overview annexation through CO
Due Diligence Guidelines (pdf)
Pre-Approved Products List (Excel) water, wastewater, and drainage products


Annexation information 
Annexation application packet (pdf) updated February 2015
Petition for Annexation template (Word) also included in packet

Zoning & Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)

Zoning and PUD information
Presubmittal Meeting Request Form (pdf) updated Sept. 2017
Planning & Zoning Commission 2017 meeting & submittal schedule (pdf)
Zoning and Rezoning application packet  (pdf) updated October 2016
Planned Unit Development (PUD) application packet  (pdf) updated April 2016
Approved PUDs in Round Rock (includes land uses and development agreements)
Future Land Use Map (pdf) last updated 1/10/2013
Variances & special exceptions
Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) 
Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) application packet (pdf) updated Oct. 2017
Zoning verification 
Zoning Verification Letter Information 
Mobile Food Establishments (MFEs aka food trucks)
Application to host MFEs (pdf) for the 2017 calendar year
Note: This permit is to allow MFEs on site, not to operate an MFE.

Subdivision Platting   

Subdivision Platting information 
Presubmittal Meeting Request Form (pdf) updated Sept. 2017
Planning and Zoning Commission 2017 meeting and submittal schedule (pdf)
Concept Plan application packet (pdf) updated Sept. 2017
Preliminary Plat application packet (pdf) updated Sept. 2017
Final Plat application packet (pdf) updated Sept. 2017
Minor Subdivision application packet (pdf) updated Sept. 2017
Replat application packet (pdf) updated Sept. 2017
Amending Plat application packet (pdf) updated Sept. 2017
Plat Vacation application packet (pdf) updated Sept. 2017
TIA Flow Chart (pdf)
Memo: Platting in Round Rock’s ETJ (pdf)
Plat Recordation
Plat Recordation information packet (pdf) updated Sept. 2017
Subdivision Recordation Fees (Williamson County) (pdf) updated September 2013
Subdivision Recordation Fees (Travis County)

Subdivision Improvements (SIP)

Subdivision Improvements information
Subdivision Improvements information packet 
Water and Wastewater Availability Request Form (pdf)
Construction Summary Table (pdf)
Letter of Transmittal (pdf)
Performance Bond Form for Subdivision Improvements (pdf)
Fee Payment Form (pdf) Oversize Fee, Regional Detention Fee, Subdivision Inspection Fee
Project Close Out
Project Close Out information 

Site Development Permits (SDP, SSP)

Site Development information page
Presubmittal Meeting Request Form (pdf) updated Sept. 2017
Standard Site Development Permit (SDP) application packet (pdf) updated Sept. 12, 2017
Small Site Development Permit (SSP) application packet (pdf) updated Sept. 2017
Wireless Transmission Facilities Permit application packet (pdf)
License Agreement application packet (pdf) 
Tree Mitigation Calculations Template (Excel)
Landscape Requirements Chart (Excel)
Construction Summary Table (pdf)
Letter of Transmittal (pdf)
Project Close Out
Project Close Out information 


Easement Dedication information packet  (pdf) revised April 2016
Easement Release and Encroachment Agreement information packet (pdf) updated June 2017
Donation Deed application information packet (pdf) updated Sept. 2017

Building and Sign Permits

Building permits, fees and policies
New Commercial building permits
Commercial permitting fees
New Single-Family building permits
Impact fees
Addition/remodel/finish-out permits (also use this permit for decks and patios, sheds, residential swimming pools, and structural relocation or demolition)
Addition/remodel/finish-out fees
Sign permit application packet (pdf) updated August 2016

Historic Properties

Making Changes to Historic Properties / Certificate of Appropriateness information
Certificate of Appropriateness application packet (pdf) 2017
Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) Schedule (pdf) 2017
Historic Design Guidelines for Residential Properties (pdf)
Historic Design Guidelines for Commercial Properties (pdf)

Specifications and Standards

City of Round Rock Design and Construction Standards (DACS) (all)
City of Round Rock Standard Construction Details
Pre-Approved Products List  (Excel) water, wastewater, and drainage products
Survey Control Point Description Form (pdf)
Landscaping and Underground Utility Easements Policy (pdf)
Tree Technical Manual (pdf)

Master Plans & Area Plans

Downtown Master Plan
Game Plan 2020 (Parks and Recreation Master Plan – scroll down)
Trail Master Plan (pdf)
Transportation Master Plan
Places & Spaces: General Plan 2020 (pdf)
Future Land Use Map (pdf) last updated 1/10/2013
Water Master Plan Map (pdf) last updated May 2012
Wastewater Master Plan Map (pdf) last updated May 2012


Zoning and PUD Fees (pdf)
Subdivision Plat Fees (pdf)
Subdivision Recordation Fees (Williamson County) (pdf)
Subdivision Recordation Fees (Travis County)
Subdivision Inspection/Regional Detention/Oversize Line (pdf)
Site Development Permit Fees (pdf)
Building Permit, Inspection and Impact Fees
Impact Fees

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