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McConico Building, 301 W. Bagdad Avenue, Round Rock, Texas 78664
Planning and Development Services, Suite 210,  512-218-5428
   Zoning & PUDs, Site DevelopmentSubdivision Platting, Subdivision Improvements, Annexation 
Inspection Services, Suite 100,  512-218-5550,  Building Permits, Building Inspections
Code Enforcement, Suite 210,  512-341-3329, Zoning Violations, Environmental Nuisances
Community Development, 221 E. Main Street, 512-341-3148, Community Development Block Grant Program, Community Services & Engagement

About us

The City of Round Rock is committed to streamlining and consolidating the development review process.

Development Services is a key element of the City’s Development Philosophy (please read below), which emphasizes customer service to facilitate the timely review and approval of projects. In short, to Make It Happen.

“Making It Happen” is more than a phrase.  It’s a way of thinking and it’s a philosophy that the Round Rock City Council has charged the Planning & Development Services Department to implement.

Planning & Development Services staff believe development is more than processing permits. Development should be about collaboration. You as the Applicant are in the unique position to create something that will forever change the landscape of the City of Round Rock.

We pride ourselves on ensuring your project is handled in a professional, timely, consistent, and accurate manner. Our goal is to build a partnership with you and your consultants. We want your project to succeed and we’ll do our very best to ensure that happens within the confines of adopted rules and regulations. We are not saying that issues won’t arise, but when they do, we will collaborate with you to come up with workable solutions.

Our Development Permits and Applications page provides information on submittal schedules, applications, fees, and specifications, but we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Development Philosophy

The Planning and Development Services Department operates under the guidance of the City’s Development Philosophy, which emphasizes customer service to facilitate the timely review and approval of projects, as well as ensuring that stakeholders are included in the development of regulatory ordinances.

Development Philosophy Statement (adopted 2010)
Round Rock’s goal of a prosperous economy requires successful development. To be the City of Choice for entrepreneurs and development professionals, our city and its employees commit to provide an unmatched level of service. We appreciate your decision to invest in Round Rock, and take very seriously our role in participating in your success. Round Rock – The City of Choice for those committed to Making It Happen.

Successful Development
To facilitate Successful Development, the City commits to the following goals:

  • Provide superior and efficient development services by utilizing specific service target measurements to remain competitive
  • Develop and maintain respectful effective working relationships with the development community
  • Provide clear and understandable development standards (i.e. ordinances, policies, and processes) that are easily accessible
  • Utilize appropriate technology to enhance communication and efficiencies
  • Strive for cost and time efficiencies for the City and development community
  • Seek and value the input of all stakeholders when considering ordinance and process changes
  • Timely consider and research the economic impact of regulation changes prior to their adoption
  • Recognize the benefits of creativity, while clearly defining expected standards of quality

Customer Service Commitment
To provide an exceptional service, the City commits to the following:

  • Provide prompt and courteous service by qualified staff members who recognize the economic implications of their decisions
  • Communicate in a timely, helpful, and professional manner
  • Timely respond to requests for communication and information
  • Welcome the opportunity to meet at any point in the process
  • Recognize that the economics of development are a critical factor and react accordingly
  • Be consistent in our application of development standards
  • Provide consistent direction from all departments
  • Provide documented code references when changes are required
  • Provide an environment of cooperation that encourages open discussion and clear guidance on how you can appeal decisions to the next level of authority
  • Continuously strive to improve – Making It Happen

Response Time
The staff in our Department is committed to providing exceptional customer service to all members of the public. It is our goal to have an unmatched level of responsiveness in carrying out our development service responsibilities. We will make every attempt to respond to your email or phone call within the same business day that it is made. In some instances, and during periods of high activity, we will respond to your inquiry by the next business day.

Planning & Development Services Department
301 W. Bagdad Avenue, Suite 210
Round Rock, Texas 78664
Phone: 512-218-5428 | Fax: 512-218-3286